4-Minute Hip Mobility with Samantha Emanuel

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4-Minute Hip Mobility with Samantha Emanuel

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Healtly hips for a great cause - Samantha Emanuel will guide you through  'Ebb and Flow' - a short, very sweet and deep hip mobility routine - taken from the Spinal Waves 102 online course.

Spinal Waves 102 is an online 4 week programme designed to integrate and liberate the spine in free flowing movement. It is a continuation of Jon Yuen’s incredible Spinal Waves 101 course. Designed for anybody with a body, these courses will benefit your body awareness and fluidity.

Full courses can be purchased here: https://yuenjon.thinkific.com/courses/spinal-waves-102-the-ripple-effect

For more information about Samantha Emanuel’s projects and international workshops visit www.dancesynthesis.com


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Video details:

  • Duration: 3:40 minutes
  • Contents: 1 Video file
  • Style: Hip Mobility Follow-Along Routine
  • Level: All Levels
  • Instructor: Samantha Emanuel
  • Validity: Unlimited, download and streaming
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