NEW - Upper Body Flow with Lorena Galeano (FB Live Recording)

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NEW - Upper Body Flow with Lorena Galeano (FB Live Recording)

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Dance and Flow with Lorena!

DANCE for a great cause

Enjoy this 45-minute upper Body Flow Workshop with Lorena Galeano (all class proceeds are donated in full to Caméléon Philippines!)

What you'll learn

Workshop Upper Body Flow: Applying contemporary dance techniques Lorena invites you to explore with her ways to skilfully use the upper body as a means of expression in dance.

About Lorena

Elegance with passion and temperament, exquisite technique and profound musicality, preserving the spirit of oriental dance in every movement – that’s Lorena! Due to her knowledge about Middle Eastern Dance art and culture as well as her many years of experience as a performing artist and dance teacher she is one of the most popular instructors and performers in Europe.

Follow Lorena online: www.lorenagaleano.com 

RE:SOURCE a dance retreat by Lorena, feat. Bozenka: https://lorenagaleano.com/resource/

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All proceeds of video purchases from this channel are donated in full to a good cause via www.dance4children.be - This year we support Caméléon Philippines.

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By purchasing this class, you are investing in yourself, your body and mind, and also concretely and palpably helping us to support and protect children in vulnerable situations. Thank you very much for this.

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xx Team D4C (Coralie, Tamy)

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