A great big THANK YOU to you all!

More than 1000 Euros gathered in just 2 years - and 100 sales in total!

Hello there :)

As we are nearing the second birthday (whee!) of our D4C Online Gumroad Channel, we (Coralie, Tamy and Kim/Khalida) would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you.

THANK YOU for supporting Dance4Children - even (and especially!) during these times.

This week we have reached our 100th D4C sale! Thank you so much!!!

Bonus points for the double running man action.

In just the 24-month life span of this channel (from 1st of January 2019 up till now) your collective contributions have helped us to gather more than 1000 Euros(!) to support the girls of Caméléon Philippines

Thank you so much!

This would not have been possible without your support.

We love you for being here, and for helping to spread the joy.

NEXT TO THAT we are eternally grateful to our generous online teachers, for sharing their art and donating their videos to the channel.

Let's talk some numbers!

At the moment we have - from January 2019 till now:

  • 100 purchases by our supporters (ie you!)
  • A total of more than 1000 Euros gathered
  • 16 instructional videos in the channel
  • 14 (and very soon 15!!) teachers who have generously donated a class
  • 11 hours of instructional video material

And we are hoping this may continue to grow :)


A special shout-out goes out to miss Julia from UK, for being the first brave supporter to purchase a D4C Move IT! Pass :) 

May it bring you tons of joy!

We wish you all a beautiful week, and we'll be sending another update soon on a VERY special upcoming addition to our video channel. 

Hint.. he's(!) from Belgium - and we know he is universally loved :) <3 


xx Team D4C (Coralie, Tamy, Kim/Khalida - KZilla)

PS: Check out our latest D4C teacher interview here - featuring the amazing Stacey Nemour!

Yeey - Take me to the D4C Library!