New Video online - Dance Fit Fun with Bellydance Superstar BOZENKA!

Happy Monday,

We have exciting news for you :)

As you may have seen, an incredibly fun new video has been added to our D4C Online Channel <3  

Dance Fit for FUN with Bellydance Superstar Boženka!

It's 50 Minutes of Joy of Dance and Movement, by one of the best belly dance instructors in the world.

We are SO happy and thankful that we get to share this class with you all on our Solidarity Channel.

You can get it directly via this link:

About Boženka

Bellydance Superstar Boženka is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed dancer performing and teaching worldwide.

Boženka has been a mentor, friend and an artistic inspiration throughout her career to many dancers worldwide, so it is an incredible honour for us - Team D4C - to be able to feature this (amazingly fun!) FB Live video class donation.

Boženka is an amazing performer, a generous teacher, and a wonderfully warm-hearted person to boot.

You will LOVE this class, we promise. The live recording was so. much. fun.

About this Class

A 50 minute Dance Workout Fit and Fun Class! Wear your trainers/running shoes! We are going to sweat, shimmy and groove to many great tunes. 

Let's DANCE!

PS: This video is also included in our Monthly Move Pass Subscription!

We wish you lots of joy dancing with Boženka video class!

Much love,

Team D4C

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